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Gasterij Landschot Hoogeloonhe feeling of total relaxation as you soak away in one of our beautiful baths. Our large windows showcase our far stretching views that overlook the beautiful landscape of the fields. The only thing you will see are the bunnies that skip past and apart from that absolutely nothing! The peace, harmony and tranquillity are so fulfilling and all-encompassing that you will no choice but just to smile. Ssshhhhhhh…….

Here in our Spa we have a unique phenomenon: our bread oven. This is a very special space which is warmed up by a bread oven where we bake our authentic spelt bread. The smell that is released during the baking process is not only delicious but in combination with the warmth great for your breathing and airways.

The two hay ovens are without doubt the best seats in the house! From the chairs you overlook the beautiful biological pond and the green fields. Take a seat and allow yourself to be wrapped up (and) as you steam away. The seats are filled with Alpen hay combined with flowers and herbs which are warmed up and released in the form of steam, resulting in great aromas . This is emphasized by the feeling of being wrapped and totally warm and cosy. The treatment offers therapeutic benefits as well as benefits for the airways as the inhalation of steam combined with herbs, alpine hay and flowers works their magic.

If there is one special thing to experience – come and enjoy our wraps in our flotation tanks. First of all, you are wrapped up in a beautiful blend of natural ingredients. These ingredients are based on individual needs of our guests: a nourishing package, a peel or a detoxing wrap to further support your body. Once you are all wrapped up, you are lowered into a warm waterbed. The feeling is incomparable, it feels like heaven. It is like you are floating on air and we encourage you to allow your mind to follow, switch off completely, to ensure pure enjoyment and relaxation of all the senses.

The combination of being inside and outside has strong added value. The space, the peace, the possibility to excuse yourself for a moment. Everything is possible, here in Hoogeloon. Aside from the prospect of relaxing in the lounge chairs, you could always dip into the naturally warmed biological pool. Pure nature, filtered by a clever system of flowering pond flowers without any chemicals in sight. The sensation of the soft warm water surrounding your body, in total privacy yet in the open air is a little present for body and mind.

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